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Zone Face Lift, Facial Reflexology available at LMK Complementary Therapist, Cliffe Woods, Rochester, Medway, Kent at
Zone Face Lift, Facial Reflexology available at LMK Complementary Therapist, Cliffe Woods, Rochester, Medway, Kent at
Zone Face Lift, Facial Reflexology available at LMK Complementary Therapist, Cliffe Woods, Rochester, Medway, Kent at
Zone Face Lift, Facial Reflexology available at LMK Complementary Therapist, Cliffe Woods, Rochester, Medway, Kent at

Zone Face Lift

Welcome to The Zone Face Lift!
This luxurious therapy has been devised by award winning "Facial Reflexologist to the stars" Ziggie Bergman.  (Quote by Kate Spicer, The Daily Mail
Ziggie has worked tirelessly to develop this specialist sequence incorporating facial reflexology and additional Native American techniques.  I have been blessed to attend 3 of Ziggie's training courses which have proved truly inspirational.
This is a holistic face lift therapy like no other! This therapy lifts your mind, body and spirit, leaving you feeling utterly relaxed and stress free.
Rebalancing the body's natural energy flow and promoting its own healing mechanisms, the additional specialist techniques work to; 
  • Naturally stimulate collagen and elastin from the inside, tighten, plump, sculpt the neck line, smooth and lift the face, leaving a glowing complexion after just one treatment. 
  • Be calming and uplifting, with all the health benefits of foot Reflexology
  • Help to reduce stress as well as migraines, sinus problems, insomnia, teeth grinding, IBS, joint pain and depression
  • Can be beneficial to those undergoing fertility treatment or wishing to conceive.
The Zone Face Lift organic oil and Jade Sculpting Tool are used to enhance the results which have been exclusively designed for this treatment.
If you would like to book a Zone Face Lift Treatment, please just let me know. 
Treatments can be booked individually as a 'one off' appointment, fortnightly, monthly, or as often as your wish.  Each appointment lasts approximately 60 mins and is at the Exclusive Special Offer Price of only £65.00* per session instead of £75.00!  [*Please note: the Exclusive Special Offer Price is subject to change at any time and will be updated here.]
Regular Zone Face Lift treatments can prove to be a natural, non-invasive, non-surgical alternative to botox and fillers. This treatment is also renowned for removing as much as 10 years of ageing over a 12-week programme**.  Please Note: The 12 week programme requires a commitment of weekly appointments for 12 weeks, dates and appointment times must be agreed at the first consultation, as products will need to be ordered especially for the programme.  **Currently, I am unable to commit to a 12 week programme, but I can help you find a therapist locally who has also been trained by Ziggie Bergman and the high standards required - just let me know and I'll get you their contact details.

This is not a beauty 'product' – YOU ARE ALREADY BEAUTIFUL!  The Zone Face Lift is designed to help relieve and release the stress stored in our faces, relax, tone and plump tense facial muscles and soften fine lines. Please note that lines are not a bad thing; they are a sign that we’ve lived and indeed laughed! This sequence promote the body’s own healing mechanisms from deep within.  With just one treatment you will be left looking and feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, stress free, and radiant. Naturally You, Naturally Beautiful - just as nature intended, Looking Fresh, Not Frozen!!  Laura Kitto, LMK Complementary Therapist

The Zone Face Lift range of skincare products are available to purchase direct from the Zone Face Lift Shop website.
Alternatively, if you are local to me, you can order through myself, prices are as those listed on the Zone Face Lift website, and payment will be requested in advance, as they will be ordered as required and imported from Ireland (delivery times are approximately 5-7 days from date of order)
Here are just some of the articles about Facial Reflexology & Zone Face Lift:
Daily Mail, You Magazine, The Telegraph, Sunday Express
More articles are available to view via:

Zone Face Lift Case Study by Laura Kitto

Just Look At The Results

12 Week Zone Face Lift Case Study Testimonial:


"I think the results speak for themselves, my face and skin condition have never been better. I get comments all the time from people saying your skin is so soft and dewy what do you use.

For me however, it is the aftercare and advice that you have given me in terms of my night-time routine. Not only do I find it beneficial to the health of my skin, but also to my overall well-being. You have taught me how to use the reflex points in my face whilst massaging in the wonderful fragrant oil. I especially like the “shaking” out routine, which I believe is an old Indian regime. It helps to relax me and get my mind and body ready for sleep.

I wake up looking like I’ve had the best night’s sleep, every day. My face will always have laughter lines, but I’ve now got a bright, vibrant and dewy, fresh faced look.

This is the best self-care and holistic treatment I’ve had. Thank you for taking the time to share this with me, not only the treatment you performed each week. But the aftercare, it really does help to centre me, relax me and ultimately improve my skin condition.

Make no mistake this is a total approach to self-care and wellbeing, and I highly recommend the Zone Face Lift that LMK Complementary Therapist provides. Laura you really have lifted my mind, body and spirit – simply this is my relaxation and helps me to de-stress from my hectic working life.

Thank you so much." CF

Testimonials from Zone Face Lift Treatments at LMK:

So delighted to be helping a #local business with a new service. Laura Kitto, the owner of LMK Complementary Therapies in Reflexology & Reiki, asked if I would be a willing "guinea pig" in her new service Zone Face Lift...of course I've got to sign up for 12 weeks, not a problem I said.

Well I had my first treatment on Thursday [now Saturday], and like all of Laura's treatments it was just wonderful, relaxing and therapeutic - the challenge for Laura using this technique on me is that I do have relatively good skin (very good skin genes me thinks), so we thought that we might not see a difference! WRONG!!!

I've had one, just 1, treatment and today the lady who runs the spa I go to said " what have you been putting on your face, your skin look amazing and glowing!!! (This was after I'd only washed my face, put minimal moisturiser on it and competed a 2 hour sweaty session in the gym).

To say I'm delighted is really an understatement...bring on week 12!!

Thank you Laura x I love your Zone Face Lift x  CF

Having recently had a Zone Face Lift treatment by Laura, I have to say that even one of my friends commented that I was glowing! 
I found it to be a lovely experience, very relaxing and afterwards my skin felt amazing! 
I would highly recommend this treatment and looking forward to my next one. LK

Lovely relaxation room! & first class service from Laura. 
Being a mobile therapist myself and on the go! I hardly have time for myself. I’m so glad I Met Laura, very welcoming and a professional. Had a Zone Face Lift today, it was Awesome! I didn’t want to leave. Highly recommend Laura and her services. Thank you. BM

Had an amazing Zone Face Lift yesterday. Thank you Laura for a really relaxing experience. My face is glowing and radiant. Cannot wait for the next one. DC

Zone Face Lift, Just Wow!!!! JD

Had the most amazing Zone Face Lift treatment with Laura Kitto last night. Highly recommend. MM

Laura is amazing!!!! I had a Zone Face Lift treatment yesterday and I am glowing and feel amazing today with so much more energy today. You need to experience the treatment for yourself. AR

I had a zone face lift yesterday and I must say that its so very relaxing I nearly fell asleep. Laura's cabin is filled with peaceful music and a waterfall. Such a chillaxed atmosphere and Laura is so professional and caring. Highly recommend a treatment. PD

Had a lovely treatment with Laura Kitto last night! The zone facial treatment is just amazing! Total relaxation and facial reflexology - a first for me and will definitely be going back for more! Great as a treatment for yourself or for someone you know in need of a pamper. LH

This morning I went for my first Zone Face Lift facial at LMK. I had often expressed an interest in this treatment but had always wondered was it as good as it sounded? Well the answer is YES. 
After talking about it to Laura each time I visited I could see how passionate she was about what she had got from the training and the difference she had found in people when they could see the benefits from having this done. I had regularly opted for the Advanced facial reflexology which was a wonderful treatment in its self but I just wanted to see how different both the treatments were from each-other and I was finally convinced to give it a go.

I can’t express enough just how amazing this facial was. It’s obvious from the start of this treatment the massage techniques that are used are completely different to anything I had ever experienced in a facial before. The technique is much more intensive but in a pleasurable way and it really is 60 mins of complete relaxation. 
At the start of the treatment Laura applied some cold crystals and as soon as they touched my skin I felt this amazing sensation as they glided over the different areas of my the face. 
Laura then focused on each area using manual massage techniques and small facial tools that increase the circulation and encourage the toxins to flush out of the skins surface. 
The zone facial oil was applied throughout the treatment and it just felt like silk. Its only after the treatment had finished Laura explained all the benefits in which this oil has. It contains an Amethyst crystal which is used to hydrate the skin and reduce fine lines. Along with how Laura moves the oil around the face with her fingers tips and the different lifts she is performing with it you can feel how it slides and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy like most facial oils do.

After this was finished ( I seriously didn’t want it to end) I could feel the difference immediately of how I felt in myself and just how radiant my skin looked. It’s almost like the areas ( definitely my eyes) had a plumped feeling to them which made me look a lot less tired ( joys of shift work and small children) and much more glowing .
If anyone has ever hesitated in booking this before and wasn’t quite sure it’s definitely a treatment not to be missed. 
It’s now got to be my favourite out of them all and 
I loved it so much I’ve booked another one for four weeks time. 
Thank you LMK.  KB

Highly recommended.  I had an amazing Zone Face Lift.  So relaxing, Laura is fabulous and I left feeling relaxed and refreshed.  Thank you so much Laura.  HF

All of the testimonials above are in order of date received, with the most recent at the bottom of the page and have either been posted on Facebook, Twitter, Google  or are messages received directly from clients.

Zone Face Lift, Facial Reflexology available at LMK Complementary Therapist, Cliffe Woods, Rochester, Medway, Kent at
Facial Reflexology, Bergman Zone Method, at
Facial Reflexology, Bergman Zone Method, at
Facial Reflexology, Bergman Zone Method, at
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Laura Kitto
LMK Complementary Therapist

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Laura Kitto
LMK Complementary Therapist

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