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Put Your 'Me' Hat On!

How many roles do you fulfill in 1 day?

You probably don't even realise as you seemlessly switch from one thing to another - you might notice more if you had to change your hat for every different role.

We are many things to many people: parent, carer, nurterurer, home maker, cook, cleaner, colleague, friend etc

If we changed a hat for each of these roles we'd soon notice how many roles we play in 1 day, many of them at the same time too without even realising it!

What about You & your 'Me' hat? How often do you put that on?

How often do you make sure you allocate some downtime just for you? Not much, I'm guessing!

It's really important to find some time, even if it's just a few minutes, just to clear your head of everything that's churning away and getting on top of you.

From my own experience, here's a few things you could try:

  • Grab a cuppa; & while you're waiting for it to cool & drinking it, just look out the window & take in what you can see.. any birds, trees, a bit of sky etc. Better still, if you're able to, meet a friend for a quick cuppa & a natter!

  • Go for a walk; I must admit that I have been a bit lacking on this activity for a while so must get back in to it! It really is very good for ones headspace. If you cant get out for whatever reason (childcare, time constraints, lack of open space in your area etc), you can do this indoors. During lockdown I did online walking routines with my friend, we would video call eachother, & on our TV's or tablets put on YouTube & select a class to do from the Walking With Lesley Channel. Lesley & her classmates are really smiley - which is quite infectious & it really lifts your mood.

  • Pilates; if you're able to join a local class I highly recommend it. I used to attend a local class which I really enjoyed, this past year I've opted for joining classes online from home as it just works better around my commitments. It's still just as enjoyable & I really notice the difference if I miss a class. Just zoning out, listening to the instructor & focusing on the movements really helps brush aside anything else going on. And, I always feel so much better after a class.

  • Pamper; if you've not got the time or money for a day at a spa, take some time out to have a soak in the bath, maybe with some nice additional products like a face mask or taking more time in applying moisturiser - rather than just slapping it on, slow it down to a slower massaging type motion. Just taking a little more time for your self care.

And if any of the above suggestions are not within reach of taking some much needed time out, just take a minute to focus on your breathing. Take some slow deep breaths in & out to help calm your mind.

You're probably recharging your phone & electronic devices more than you recharge yourself!

Self Care Isn't Selfish - it's essential! You really can't pour from an empty cup - or run on empty, so just taking some time out for you to recharge your mind, body & soul will give you a huge boost!

Now, go put on your 'Me' hat & do something for you!

Much love, Laura 💛🤲

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